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Creating Magickal Entities



The realm of magick is vast and intricate, and one of its most fascinating aspects is the creation of magickal entities. These entities, often crafted with specific intentions and purposes, can serve as powerful allies in one's magickal journey. Drawing from the insights of the book "Creating Magickal Entities," let's delve into the art and science of entity creation.

1. What is a Magickal Entity?

A magickal entity is a non-physical being or force created through intentional magickal practices. These entities can be designed to carry out specific tasks, provide guidance, or even protect their creator.

2. The Purpose of Creating Entities

Entities can be crafted for a myriad of reasons:

  • Inspiration: As highlighted in the book, entities can be created to provide inspiration or remove hindrances that block creativity.
  • Protection: Some entities are designed to offer protection to their creator from negative energies or malicious intentions.
  • Manifestation: Entities can also aid in manifesting desires, helping the practitioner achieve specific goals or outcomes.

3. Crafting Your Entity

The process of creating an entity involves several steps:

  • Attuning Your Energy: Before beginning, it's essential to align and attune your energy. This involves visualizing a color that represents your desire and allowing it to fill every part of your being.
  • Choosing a Name: The name of the entity holds power. It should resonate with its purpose and the intention behind its creation.
  • Appearance & Housing: While some entities are formless, others can be given a specific appearance. Additionally, they can be housed in physical objects, further anchoring their presence in our realm.
  • Feeding & Nurturing: Like any being, entities require sustenance. This can be in the form of energy, emotions, or even specific rituals.

4. Activation & Interaction

Once created, the entity needs to be activated. This can be done using various methods, from drawing its symbol on parchment or even one's body to more intricate rituals involving elements like fire, water, or air.

Interacting with your entity is crucial. Regular communication strengthens the bond and ensures the entity remains aligned with its purpose.

5. Precautions & Ethics

Creating an entity is not without its risks. It's vital to approach the process with respect and care. The way you treat your entity will reflect how it treats you. Moreover, it's essential to set clear boundaries and ensure that the entity's lifespan and purpose are well-defined.


The creation of magickal entities is a profound and transformative practice. It allows practitioners to harness the vast energies of the universe, crafting allies and tools that can aid in their spiritual journey. However, like all magickal practices, it requires dedication, respect, and a deep understanding of the forces at play.

For those interested in diving deeper into this topic, "Creating Magickal Entities" by Nikolaos Stergiannis offers a comprehensive guide, filled with insights, techniques, and wisdom.

Creating Magickal Entities Nikolaos Stergiannis Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)


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