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Embracing Spirituality: The AzureGreen Story


Embracing Spirituality: The AzureGreen Story

In 1986, AzureGreen emerged as a humble storefront, established by Adair and Tamarin Laurel, who were driven by their desire to create a nurturing environment for their young children while serving the needs of alternative spiritual seekers. What began as a small shop has now blossomed into a thriving business, evolving from a local store to a mail-order service and eventually becoming a trusted distributor for other shops. Throughout its growth, AzureGreen has remained committed to its founding principles, serving a like-minded community of individuals who seek to integrate spirituality into their everyday lives.

A One-Stop Spiritual Supplier

 Adair, Tamarin, and their daughter Buffie quickly realized the challenges of sourcing a diverse range of spiritual supplies and vendors without compromising the time spent on attending to their customers' needs. In response to this, they transformed AzureGreen into a one-stop supplier, catering to the vast requirements of the spiritual community. By curating an extensive selection of products, AzureGreen ensures that spiritual seekers can find all they need to support their journeys in one convenient place.

Positive Energy and Dedicated Service

At AzureGreen, their commitment to providing exceptional service goes beyond the selection of products. The company's unique approach involves infusing positive energy into its offerings. Each item passes through their pyramid and feng shui warehouse, where it is charged with uplifting vibrations. This intentional process ensures that every product that reaches customers carries a special energy and purpose.

Embracing the Digital Era

 As technology advanced, AzureGreen recognized the need to adapt and expand its reach. The birth of AzureGreen.net marked a significant milestone in their journey. The website serves as an online hub where visitors can explore their extensive catalog and discover the latest in-stock items. Recognizing the importance of accuracy and timeliness, AzureGreen diligently updates the website daily, ensuring that customers have access to the most up-to-date information.

Family-Owned, Community-Driven

 AzureGreen's success is not solely attributed to the vision of Adair and Tamarin Laurel, but also to their dedicated team, which includes their daughter Buffie and a community of local employees. This family business operates on a human-scaled model, allowing them to maintain personalized customer service and a genuine connection with their community. Each order is promptly shipped with care and attention, reflecting the deep-rooted values that have guided AzureGreen since its inception.

A Journey Together: As AzureGreen looks back on its remarkable journey, the Laurel family expresses gratitude to their customers, partners, and supporters who have accompanied them every step of the way. Their shared vision of integrating spirituality into daily life has formed the foundation of AzureGreen's success.


 AzureGreen's evolution from a small storefront to a reputable distributor is a testament to the dedication and unwavering commitment of the Laurel family and their team. By serving as a one-stop supplier, infusing products with positive energy, embracing digital platforms, and fostering a sense of community, AzureGreen continues to inspire and support individuals on their spiritual paths. As the journey unfolds, AzureGreen remains steadfast in its mission to provide a sanctuary for alternative spiritual seekers, where the intertwining of spirit and daily life can flourish.


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