July 13

Moon Magic: Harnessing the Power of the Moon Cycles


The moon has long been associated with magic, mystery and feminine energy. As witches, connecting with the moon's phases and cycles can greatly enhance our spellwork and rituals. In this post, I'll discuss ways to align your craft with the moon's rhythms and tap into lunar power.

The moon goes through eight cyclical phases, each lasting about 3-4 days. The new moon signifies new beginnings, while the full moon is the peak of power. There are also two half moon phases - the waxing half moon between new and full, and the waning half moon between full and new.

Use moon water charged under the appropriate phase for your intention. For example, use new moon water for fresh starts, full moon water for culmination and power, waxing moon water for growth, and waning moon water for banishing and removal. You can also work with moon deities like Artemis or lunar goddesses related to your cultural tradition.

Here are some ideas for moon magic:

  • Full moon ritual baths - Add moon water, milk, and essential oils like jasmine or sandalwood. Visualize the lunar energy cleansing and empowering you.

  • Full moon wishes - Write your goals and wishes on paper and burn them by full moonlight to release them to the universe.

  • Moonlit meditation - At night under the full moon, meditate on a goal or self-discovery. Let the moonlight illuminate your conscious and subconscious mind.

  • Moon gardening - Plant flowers and herbs under the fertile full or waxing moons to nurture growth and creativity. Prune and harvest during the waning moon.

  • Moon altars - Decorate seasonal altar spaces with lunar d├ęcor that aligns with the current phase. Update as the moon cycles.

  • Moon sachets and charms - Make sachets with moss agate, moonstone, pearl, and lavender to keep under your pillow to induce psychic dreams. Sew silver moon charms into clothing or ritual robes to embrace lunar mysteries.

Use your intuition and observe how your energy aligns with each lunar phase. The moon's ever-changing cycles offer a profound wellspring for magic. With some study and experimentation, you can integrate lunar wisdom into your craft. Feel the moon's glow energize you as you walk your magical path. Blessed be!

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