June 11

Real-life Ouija Board Experiences: What Have People Claimed to Experience


Ouija boards are mysterious and intriguing tools that have been used for centuries to communicate with the spirit world. While some people believe in their ability to connect with the other side, others view them as mere toys or gimmicks. Regardless of your beliefs, many individuals claim to have had real-life experiences with Ouija boards that they cannot explain.

One of the most common experiences reported by users of Ouija boards is the feeling of an external force moving the planchette. The planchette is a small, triangular pointer that moves around the board, pointing to different letters and numbers to spell out messages. Many people have reported feeling a strong energy or force moving the planchette, even when they are not consciously moving it themselves. Some users have reported feeling a cold breeze or tingling sensation when using the board, which they attribute to the presence of spirits.

Another common experience reported by Ouija board users is receiving messages from deceased loved ones or other spirits. Some people have claimed to receive specific, personal information from spirits that they could not have known otherwise. Others have reported receiving warnings or advice from spirits, which they believe have helped them make important decisions in their lives.

However, not all experiences with Ouija boards have been positive. Some users have reported feeling threatened or attacked by malevolent spirits during a session. They may experience physical sensations such as nausea, dizziness, or even possession. Some people have also reported that the board itself can become possessed, and may move or shake violently on its own.

Despite the potential dangers associated with Ouija boards, many people continue to use them as a means of connecting with the spirit world. While the validity of these experiences remains a matter of personal belief, they certainly add to the mystery and allure of the Ouija board. Whether you believe in their power or not, one thing is for certain – the stories of real-life Ouija board experiences will continue to fascinate and intrigue people for years to come.

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