July 25

Franz Bardon’s Description of the Magic Lamp Used In Magickal Evocation


The magic lamp, also known as the laterna magica, holds significant importance in ritual magic. It symbolizes enlightenment, cognition, intuition, and the inner light of the magician. Lighting the lamp is equivalent to igniting the inner light within the practitioner. The lamp's color is essential as it represents the quality and vibration of the light.

When working with different beings, the lamp should be covered with colored glass or cellophane paper to suit their approval. For fire spirits, a ruby-red light is used, while dark blue light is necessary for air spirits. Water spirits require a green light, and earth spirits need a yellow-brown light. The universal light is represented by the Akasha-color, which is violet. Beings from different planets require specific colors, such as blue for Jupiter, red for Mars, yellow for the Sun, green for Venus, opalescent for Mercury, and white for the Moon.

Using artificial light is discouraged in most cases, as it interferes with the astral oscillations during magical operations. The ideal light source is a spirit lamp, prepared by mixing camomile blossoms with methyl spirit, which acts as a fluid condenser charged with the magician's will. This charged spirit flame creates a favorable atmosphere for successful results.

The magic lamp is usually placed in the magic circle or above the magician's head in a closed room to evenly illuminate the space. When lighting the lamp, the practitioner must meditate and concentrate on kindling the inner light of soul and spirit.

Quote from Franz Bardon's teachings:

"In the practice of ritual magic, the magic lamp represents a very important aid. The lighting of the magic lamp is equivalent to lighting the magician's inner light, and having it burn like a flame. The color of the lamp is one of the mysteries of the magic lamp, expressing the quality of a being or sphere." - Franz Bardon

The Magic Lamp


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