December 13

The Disciple Of Occultism


The Disciple Of Occultism

"I recognise a power subtle, deep

Disturbing,and aggressive, which shall sweep

All Materialism down."

A strange power through me thrilling,

Almost too marvelous too utter, filling

My heart with awe; a reverence o'er me stealing

For what I see before, quite clear revealing

That I, to-day upon the threshhold standing

Of some new era, change complete demanding

In methods old, of thought; and this assembling,

From spirit life shows human creeds are trembling;

My soul quivers, the material bonds are breaking,

Occult Powers are hastening; history in making

De Laurencere

Brotherhood Of Mystics

Every soul will rest at some mile-post in life
Those never ending, unnumbered, unknown points
All void vaccant and dark,
Yet, be still for, as the soul looks once more

A multitude assembled;
unnumerable astral souls reveal a force Supreme,
Invincible for human advancemnet,
The annuiment of man made law;

The concert uplifting and educating of humanity.
Listen Oh ye capable brothers, for out of darkness
Comes this mystic message .
De Laurence


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