April 14

The Practice Of “Spell Bags” And Their Use In Magickal Practice


Spell bags, also known as mojo bags, charm bags, or gris-gris bags, are a type of magickal tool used in many spiritual practices. They are small pouches or bags filled with a variety of items, including herbs, stones, crystals, oils, and other objects that are believed to hold specific magickal properties. The practice of spell bags can be traced back to many cultures and traditions, including African American Hoodoo, Appalachian folk magic, and European witchcraft.

Spell bags are used for a variety of purposes, from protection and luck to love and prosperity. The items used in a spell bag are carefully chosen based on their properties and associations with the intention of the spell. For example, a spell bag for protection may contain herbs like sage and thyme, crystals like black tourmaline, and symbols like a small charm or talisman.

To create a spell bag, start by selecting a pouch or bag that speaks to you. Many practitioners prefer to use natural materials like cloth or leather, but any bag will do as long as it can be securely closed. Once you have your bag, begin gathering items to place inside. Think about your intention for the spell and choose items that correspond with that intention.

For example, if you are creating a spell bag for love, you might include rose petals, a small piece of rose quartz, and a charm or talisman that represents love to you. Once you have your items, place them in the bag and seal it up. You may also want to anoint the bag with oils or dress it with powders to add extra magickal energy.

Once your spell bag is complete, you can carry it with you or place it in a specific location, depending on the intention of the spell. Some practitioners prefer to keep their spell bags hidden away, while others carry them with them at all times. Whatever you choose, be sure to focus your intention and energy on the spell bag regularly to keep its magickal properties strong.

The practice of spell bags is a powerful and accessible form of magickal practice that can be used by anyone. Whether you are looking for protection, love, prosperity, or any other intention, creating a spell bag can help you to focus your energy and manifest your desires. Give it a try and see how the power of spell bags can transform your magickal practice.


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