July 16

The Tale of La Befana – Italy’s Enchanting Christmas Witch


As the festive season approaches, children around the world eagerly anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus or St. Nicholas, who will bring them gifts for being good throughout the year. However, in Italy, there is another beloved figure who plays a similar role during the Christmas season - La Befana, the kind-hearted Christmas witch. Let us delve into the enchanting tale of La Befana, a unique and endearing part of Italy's holiday traditions.

The Origin of La Befana:

La Befana's origins can be traced back to the rich cultural tapestry of Italy. The legend dates back hundreds of years and has been passed down through generations, blending Christian and pagan elements into a heartwarming story.

According to the tale, the Three Wise Men embarked on a journey to visit the newborn baby Jesus. Along their way, they stopped at the humble abode of an old woman named Befana. They asked her for directions, and although she didn't know the way, she kindly offered them hospitality for the night.

The Wise Men extended an invitation to Befana to join them on their journey, but she declined, as she was busy with household chores. Later that night, she felt a pang of regret for not accompanying the Wise Men and the newborn Messiah, so she decided to follow them the next day.

The Quest for the Messiah:

Armed with a sack filled with gifts for the child, Befana set out to find the baby Jesus. She flew on her broomstick, tirelessly searching for the divine infant. Over the years, Befana continued her quest, visiting every house, leaving gifts for the children she encountered.

On the eve of the Epiphany, January 5th, La Befana's journey reaches its climax. She arrives at the homes of children and leaves sweets, toys, and small gifts for the well-behaved ones, while those who have been naughty might find a lump of coal or a piece of garlic, a playful reminder to mend their ways.

The Celebration of La Befana:

In Italy, the feast of La Befana is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Festivals and parades are held in many towns and cities, where people dress up as Befana, donning a tattered shawl and carrying a broomstick and sack of gifts. Families come together to exchange presents and enjoy special treats, such as "La Befana" - a sweet pastry shaped like the Christmas witch herself.

As part of the tradition, children hang stockings by the fireplace, hoping that La Befana will visit their homes during the night and leave them surprises. They also write letters to her, sharing their wishes and promises to be good in the coming year.

The Symbolism of La Befana:

Beyond the joyous festivities, La Befana embodies essential values deeply rooted in Italian culture. She represents the spirit of giving, the power of kindness, and the importance of selflessness. Her perpetual search for the Christ child symbolizes the pursuit of goodness, faith, and love.


In a world filled with diverse holiday customs, the legend of La Befana stands as a captivating and heartwarming tale, reminding us of the magic of Christmas and the significance of generosity and compassion. As we celebrate this festive season, let us embrace the spirit of La Befana and spread joy, love, and goodwill to all, for that is the true essence of the Christmas season.


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