June 7

The Three Gunas


 One day, Arjuna a student of Krishna, asked Lord Krishna about the three gunas - Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, and how they influence human behavior. He described them as three types of hapinesses.

Lord Krishna began to explain that the three gunas are the three basic qualities or energies that make up the universe, and that they are presented in every living being.

He told Arjuna that First the energy, Tamas represents darkness, inertia, and ignorance the first happiness which isn't really happiness at all. He describes this emotion with a story about a bitter old man who more than anything hated his rival shop keeper.

 One day a powerful Genie came to the bitter old man and told him that he could grant him one wish; whatever he wanted and the only stipulation is that his enemy shop keeper would get double what he got.

He told the old man that if wished for wealth He would be wealthy to his wildest dreams but his enemy would be twice as wealthy. If he wanted the most beautiful wife he could ever envision, his enemy's wife would be twice as beautiful.

The old men growled... I want to be blind in one eye!" 

The second happiness or Rajas represents passion, activity, and desire the teacher said, "To illustrate this he said imagine a wonderful nectar akin to wine or hash makes you lust for it like nectar but soon turns to poison.

 The third Sattva or happiness and the true happiness represents purity, harmony, and balance and in many cases tastes like poison at first but later turns to nectar and can come in the form of hard work, discipline study or even exercise.


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