April 14

The Use Of “Runes” In Divination And Their Symbolism In Norse Mythology


Runes are a type of ancient Germanic alphabet used by the Norse people, among others, in the early Middle Ages. Today, runes are often used in divination and have gained popularity as a tool for personal insight and spiritual growth. The use of runes in divination dates back to ancient times and has a rich history in Norse mythology.

In Norse mythology, the god Odin is said to have discovered the runes while hanging upside down from the World Tree, Yggdrasil. In this myth, Odin endures immense pain and suffering to gain knowledge and insight into the mysteries of the universe. As part of this process, he is said to have received the knowledge of the runes, which he then shared with humanity.

Each rune has its own unique symbolism and meaning. The runes can be used individually or in combination with other runes to form a reading. Runes can be drawn from a bag or pouch, or they can be laid out in a specific pattern or spread.

Some of the most commonly used runes include:

  • Fehu (wealth)
  • Ansuz (communication)
  • Berkano (growth)
  • Gebo (gifts)
  • Hagalaz (disruption)
  • Isa (stasis)
  • Jera (harvest)
  • Kenaz (knowledge)
  • Laguz (water)
  • Mannaz (humanity)
  • Othala (inheritance)
  • Perthro (mystery)
  • Raidho (journey)
  • Sowilo (victory)
  • Thurisaz (challenge)
  • Uruz (strength)
  • Wunjo (joy)

The symbolism of the runes is deeply rooted in Norse mythology and the beliefs of the ancient Norse people. For example, the rune Fehu represents wealth and prosperity, reflecting the importance of material abundance in Norse culture. Similarly, the rune Isa represents stasis and frozenness, reflecting the harsh and unforgiving nature of the Norse winter.

Overall, the use of runes in divination can be a powerful tool for personal insight and spiritual growth. Whether you are drawn to Norse mythology or simply fascinated by the symbolism of the runes, exploring this ancient practice can be a rewarding and enlightening experience. So why not give it a try and see what the runes have in store for you?


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