Charged Amulet Pillar Candles are a captivating fusion of ancient wisdom and modern mysticism. This exquisitely crafted candle is more than just a source of warm, flickering light—it's a powerful tool designed to channel positive energy, protection, and manifestation into your space.

The Charged Amulet Pillar Candle is meticulously handcrafted using premium quality, ethically sourced materials. Its elegant and unique design combines a natural wax pillar with enchanting symbols, creating a captivating aesthetic that enhances any room's ambiance.

At the core of this enchanting candle lies its secret power—an embedded amulet carefully chosen for its specific metaphysical properties. Each amulet is expertly selected and energetically charged, bringing forth its unique vibrations to amplify the candle's intended purpose.

Harnessing the timeless principles of ancient rituals, the Charged Amulet Pillar Candle serves as a focal point for intention-setting and manifestation. Light the candle with a clear mind, allowing the sacred flame to ignite your desires and intentions. As the candle burns, the energy of your intentions is released, creating a harmonious atmosphere that aligns your environment with your goals.

The Charged Amulet Pillar Candle is available in a variety of options, each with its own distinctive amulet and purpose. Whether you seek protection, love, abundance, healing, or spiritual awakening, there is an amulet candle tailored to your unique journey. Choose the one that resonates with your intentions and infuse your space with its captivating energy.

This exquisite candle also makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Whether for a loved one or yourself, the Charged Amulet Pillar Candle is a beautiful reminder of the power within and the ability to manifest positive change.

Illuminate your path, invite positive energies, and create a sacred sanctuary with the Charged Amulet Pillar Candle. Embrace the ancient art of intention-setting and watch as your desires manifest into reality.

  • Healing Candle

    Healing Pillar Candle with Lapis Pendant

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  • Abundance candle

    Abundance Pillar Candle with Blue Sandstone Pendant

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  • Love Pillar Candle with Goddess Necklace

    Love Pillar Candle with Goddess Necklace

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  • Fertility Pillar Candle with Goddess Necklace

    Fertility Pillar Candle with Goddess Necklace

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  • Prosperity Pillar Candle with Goddess Necklace

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10 Essential Pegan Ritual Supplies Every Practitioner Should Have

Peganism is a spiritual path that combines aspects of Paganism and veganism. As with any spiritual practice, there are certain tools and supplies that can be useful for those who follow the Pegan path. Here are 10 essential Pegan ritual supplies that every practitioner should have.

  1. Altar Cloth - An altar cloth can be used to cover your altar or workspace and provide a sacred space for your Pegan rituals.

  2. Candles - Candles are an essential tool for setting the mood and creating a sacred atmosphere during Pegan rituals. Choose candles made from natural materials like soy wax or beeswax.

  3. Incense - Burning incense can be used to cleanse and purify your sacred space, as well as to enhance the energy of your ritual.

  4. Athame - An athame is a ritual knife that is used for casting circles and cutting energy. Choose a knife made from sustainable materials.

  5. Chalice - A chalice can be used to hold water, which is often used in Pegan rituals to symbolize the element of water.

  6. Bell - A bell can be used to mark the beginning and end of a ritual, as well as to clear energy and focus the mind.

  7. Stones and Crystals - Stones and crystals can be used to enhance the energy of your ritual and to represent the elements of the earth.

  8. Tarot or Oracle Cards - Tarot or oracle cards can be used for divination and to gain insight into your spiritual path.

  9. Sage or Palo Santo - Sage or palo santo can be used to cleanse and purify your sacred space and to create a sense of calm and peace.

  10. Journal - A journal can be used to record your thoughts, insights, and experiences during your Pegan rituals and spiritual practices.

By having these essential Pegan ritual supplies on hand, you can create a sacred and meaningful space for your spiritual practice. Remember to choose sustainable and ethical materials whenever possible, and to honor the earth and its creatures in all that you do.

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