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Black Salt (Sel Noir) 47g


The Most Powerful Black Salt: Protection Against Evil, Banishes Foes, With Trained Intention Black Salt Inhibits Psychic Barriers Against Opponents. Use in Rituals And Spellwork. Use To Purify Your Magick Circle

Black Salt or Witch’s Salt and Sal Negro Powerful tool in Spellwork and Ritual Work. Black Salt is used in protection, banishing, and grounding spells. A mixture of salt and charcoal, with additional ingredients such as herbs, ashes, and iron filings. Use Black Salt to Banish Evil, Unwanted Energies and Negative People.

Preparing Black Salt:


Preparing Black Salt:

Before you start using black salt in your spells, it's essential to prepare it properly. You can make black salt by mixing equal parts of salt and activated charcoal powder. You can then add other ingredients that align with your intention, such as ground herbs or ashes. Iron filings can be added to make the salt more potent.

Once you've mixed the ingredients, leave the mixture to sit for a few days in a container or jar. This process allows the ingredients to merge, and the salt becomes infused with energy. After a few days, your black salt is ready to be used in your spellwork.

Black Salt In Spellwork

  1. Protection Spells:
    Black salt is used in protection spells to ward off negative energies, banish unwanted entities, and protect yourself and your home. You can sprinkle black salt around the perimeter of your home, on windowsills, and doorways. This creates a protective barrier, keeping negative energies at bay.
  2. Banishing Spells:
    Black salt is also effective in banishing spells, as it absorbs negative energy and helps to remove unwanted people or situations from your life. You can sprinkle black salt around your work area or in your bedroom to banish negative energies and promote a peaceful environment.
  3. Grounding Spells:
    Black salt can be used in grounding spells, helping to connect you with the earth's energy and promote a sense of balance and stability. You can sprinkle black salt on your altar or in your meditation space to create a grounding effect.
  4. Benefits of Using Black Salt:
  5. Absorbs Negative Energy:
    Black salt has the ability to absorb negative energy and protect you from unwanted energies, people, or situations.
  6. Banishes Unwanted Entities:
    Black salt is effective in banishing spells and helps to remove unwanted entities or energies from your life.
  7. Promotes Grounding and Stability:
    Black salt is excellent for grounding spells and helps to connect you with the earth's energy, promoting a sense of balance and stability.

Black salt is a powerful tool in spellwork, and its benefits cannot be overstated. It can protect you from negative energies, banish unwanted entities, and promote grounding and stability. By using black salt in your spellwork, you can harness its energy and unlock its full potential.

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